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DALL·E 2024-03-24 14.07.39 - Imagine a vintage collage artwork for a music single titled '

Lost In Another Man's Blues

Written by Kyle Jordan and Greg Van Kerkhof


Verse 1:

He said: "Listen to me, Father!
Tell me what to do!
Got a stain on my soul.
I know you see it, too."
I clutched at my cross,
As I watched the boy cry,
Whiskey on his breath,
And madness in his eyes.
I was lost in another man's blues.


Verse 2:
He said:"Father can you help me,
With this weight on my back?
My woman just left me,
For some boy in a band.
His songs made her move,
In a way I never could.
By the final chord,
I knew just where I stood.
She was lost in another man's blues.
Another man's blues!"

I put my hand up on his shoulder.
And said "Son, by God's good grace,

you'll be just fine.
With patience and time you'll find another,
It's alright, no need to act like someone died."


Verse 3:
He said:"Father, can you tell me, are there deeds God won't forgive?
Will he let me into heaven, or cast me to the pit?
Cause when that boy put his guitar down and walked out with my wife,
I made a prayer to the devil and my Colt 45.

Yeah, he's lost.
That boy is lost in another man's blues.
In another man's blues..."

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