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The Kyle Jordan Project: Redefining Sound, Defying Limits.

The Kyle Jordan Project is a unique fusion of modern contemporary rock and vintage roots music, showcasing a signature sound that bridges past and present musical influences. Formed by Kyle Jordan May, a resilient drummer and songwriter from Victoria, B.C., Canada, the project took shape following Kyle's near-death experience with a brain tumor. Drawing inspiration from visionaries like The Alan Parsons Project and modern artists like DJ Khaled, Kyle channeled his renewed passion for music into this dynamic endeavor.

Core Members:

  • Kyle Jordan May holds multiple roles including Group Leader, Songwriter, Executive Producer, Producer, Drummer, as well as Lead and Rhythm Guitarist, and he occasionally steps in as a Vocalist. Kyle boasts an impressive resume, having earned three Canadian music award nominations with the duo "For The Cause," in addition to several internet music awards. His vast experience encompasses touring, recording, and/or providing drum backing for renowned artists like Joanne Cash, Ron "Obvious" Vermeulen, Matt Brouwer, Greg Gay, Dick Damron, Kemper Crabb, and Stephen Rendall.

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  • Greg Van Kerkhof is a songwriter, producer, bassist, rhythm guitarist, organist, and lead vocalist. He contributes a wealth of musical versatility and a spirit of collaboration to the project. Previously, Greg played bass for the progressive metal band Red Helen and for Virgin Records artist Dan Patlansky.

  • ​Erick Gerber is a multifaceted musician, known for his roles as a songwriter, producer, lead and rhythm guitarist, and electronic music programmer, with occasional stints as a vocalist. His artistic input brings a unique depth and innovation to the project's sound. Erick has an impressive background as the former guitarist for the progressive metal band Red Helen, with experience performing on television and live to large audiences, and he has also been a guitarist for the platinum-selling artist Jesse Clegg.


Musical Style: The Kyle Jordan Project's music is a tapestry of diverse sounds and styles, influenced by artists like Hozier, Imagine Dragons, The Glorious Sons, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, and Led Zeppelin. Their songs range from intricate storytelling in their roots-based tracks to themes of overcoming obstacles in their modern rock anthems, resonating with a wide audience.

Studio-Centric Approach: Primarily a studio-based group, The Kyle Jordan Project focuses on high-quality production and rarely tours, though they remain open to special occasions. Their collaborative nature involves a rotating cast of guest musicians and vocalists, ensuring fresh and varied music. Notable contributors include Leeroy Stagger, Katie Burke, Ryland Moranz, Tyler Lieb, Lucas Renshaw, and Josué García García.

Upcoming Releases: The band has released several singles and is gearing up for their first album, "Rock," slated for release in the fall of 2025, followed by "Roots" in the spring of 2026. They are already working on material for a 2027 album release.

Production Excellence: Kyle Jordan May often takes on the role of executive producer, working alongside award-winning Canadian country and Roots artist Leeroy Stagger and project members Greg Van Kerkhof and Erick Gerber, ensuring top-notch production quality.

Kyle's personal health journey, battling a pituitary adenoma and undergoing emergency neurosurgery, profoundly influenced his music. His determination and love for music shine through in every project, making The Kyle Jordan Project a testament to resilience and artistic passion.

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